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Gap Sales Still Sliding Under Rebekka Bay

Old Navy saved Gap Inc.'s butt when Gap and Banana Republic sales dropped off in June.

Last month, Gap Inc. reported a 5 percent dip in sales for the first quarter of 2014, a drop that CEO Glenn Murphy emphasized was not the fault of Gap's new-ish creative director, Rebekka Bay. She didn't have the full support staff she needed while designing her first collection, Murphy said, and with a newly fleshed-out team including Gap vet Michelle DeMartini leading merchandising, she would get the job done. 

Well, June's sales results are in, and Gap isn't seeing that promised turnaround just yet. 

Comparable sales for the brand sunk 7 percent, versus a 5 percent increase during the same time last year. To be fair, Banana Republic's global sales dropped the same amount in June — so at least Bay wasn't alone in her collection's under-performance. Old Navy buoyed up sales for the company overall, growing 7 percent to bring Gap Inc. to only a 2 percent drop in comparable sales for the period.

Murphy noted in a release that Gap and Banana Republic are "focused on delivering" with their fall collections. We want to believe in you, too, Rebekka. Please nail it this fall.

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