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Eliza's Rodeo-Friendly, Rose Gold Booties

Kind of ridiculous, mostly awesome.

I would do a lot of very bad things to fill my entire wardrobe with clothing and shoes from Acne Studios. Let's just get that out of the way.

But really, objectively, are these rose gold metallic leather booties not the raddest? They are. It's all about the details here: The scalloping around the elastic side panels, the super walkable, chunky heels that are dyed a matching salmon hue. The whole effect is little gaudy, but simple enough to stay cool. You could wear them to the rodeo and then down the streets of Stockholm. I think they call that "versatility."

The main problem that I can find with these heels is that they also come in sky blue. If you're bad at decision making, I am truly sorry. To be fair, they are 50 percent off on Farfetch right now, so if you have a massive wad of cash you're itching to blow on your fall wardrobe, you might as well spring for both. 

Acne Studios 'Star' Boot in Rose Gold, $340, available on Farfetch

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