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'Seinfeld''s 16 Greatest Fashion Moments

The best style moments coined on the seminal TV show.

On July 5, 1989, American TV changed forever. No, really, it did. You see that was the night that "Seinfeld" premiered on NBC. 

In the 25 years since the show's initial airing, "Seinfeld" has become a mainstream sensation that's coined such phrases as "yada, yada, yada," "look to the cookie," "double dip" and "master of your domain" among zillions of others. It shaped a generation of anxious, self-obsessed lovers of #normcore who argue over the last marble rye and celebrate Festivus in lieu of traditional holidays. 

But about that #normcore note -- many have deigned Jerry Seinfeld the patron saint of the trend, and while he did rock a crew neck sweatshirt, dad jeans and white Nikes like nobody's business, "Seinfeld" has plenty of other fashion moments worth celebrating. 

So before you say "cantstandya" to "Seinfeld" fashion, see the list of all the fashion moments on the show and realize that there's more to velvet than meets the eye.

The Puffy Shirt

Pirate fashion was going to be the next big thing, I promise. 

The Rain Coat Sans Belt ("The Executive") 

Kramer rocked this jacket so well he convinced Morty Seinfeld to go into business selling them. Naturally, it ended badly.


Clearly Gucci's fall 2012 collection was inspired by George's declaration, "I would drape myself in velvet if it were socially acceptable."

Levi's Jeans

 Jerry's claim that he still wears the same size as in college was proven false once Kramer reveals Jerry's been scratching the "32" off the label of his Levi's and writing in "31."

Super Skinny Jeans

Be honest, you, too, had a nightmare when Kramer teeter-tottered down the hallway in those too-tight trousers

Bras as Tops

Sue Ellen Mischke is responsible for not one, but two brassiere-related trends. The first: not wearing one. The second: wearing one with nothing else. Back in the '90s that was scandalous, but a quick perusal of the Met Gala red carpet will prove that bra top are officially mainstream.

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Friar's Club Jackets

Rule one of wearing a fancy jacket: Never give it to an acrobat. 

Suede Jackets with Pink and White Lining

Rule one of hanging out with Elaine's dad: Don't wear pink. 

The Yankees' Cotton Uniforms

It's a more breathable fabric, OK?

Nipple-Exposing Tops

Before there was Miley Cyrus in a sheer turtleneck, there was Elaine's X-rated Christmas card.

"The Bro"

See also "Manssiere." A garment engineered by Frank Costanza to support the male chest in times of sagging. Popular among German tourists.

Jerry's Girlfriend's Black and White Dress

Look, black and white are classic colors, so we can understand why someone would want to wear the same item over and over again. OK, no we can't.

(no picture, sorry guys!)

The Urban Sombrero

Elaine's mark as a designer will be forever felt. (We see you, PHARRELL. We see you.)

George's Fur Hat

Lesson #76: Never lose the receipts you plan on expensing. Lesson #77: Never expense a cossack fur hat. 

Elaine's Boticelli Shoes

The lady loves Oxfords...

Elaine's Low Cut Dress 

...she also loves any opportunity to lean in.