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15 Bras OK to Show Under Your Tank Top

When life hands you unbearable summer heat, the only thing to do is strip down (in a totally appropriate way!).

The summer humidity has reached its sweltering peak. If you're anything like me, your summer wardrobe has now reached the too-hot-can-only-wear-cotton-tanks phase because those are the only garments that are remotely OK to wear in the steaminess that is outside. 

Of course a thin top means some serious bra-related problems. Instead of trying to hide your bra underneath your skimpy tank, I say, just let it show! 

Sure, visible bras are a little Tara Reid in 2002, I get it. But there's a classy way to show some lingerie and not look like you're at the premiere of "American Pie," I promise. 

Generally, I stick with solid, basic colors in simple silhouettes. A black lace bra is always a good option or a solid fabric bra can be good peeking out from low-cut sleeves. Consider yourself warned: This look is risky for an office with a more professional dress code. If you're rocking a thin top with a visible bra to work, make sure to have a light jacket or blazer at your desk so that you don't reveal too much during the day. 

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