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#TBT: The 10 Beauty Trends We Want to Come Back

Long live brown lipstick. For real.

Everyone becomes nostalgic for things they grew up with, but that doesn't necessarily mean those things are good. However, we'd like to revisit some beauty trends of yore that truly deserve a resurgence.  Here, all the Fashionista editors share their #TBT beauty wish lists. Tell us yours in the comments:

'60s Chic

"I love everything about the '60s, especially Priscilla Presley's voluminous hair and black, dramatic eyeliner -- double-winged and in the crease (as worn by Twiggy and which was recreated so beautifully on Julianne Moore in "A Single Man")." --Lauren Indvik

Butterfly Clips

"I still get secretly inspired when I watch late '90s movies like "Passport to Paris" and shows like "Lizzie McGuire" and I see those butterfly clips twisted up in hair. I loved spending time in front of the mirror before 13th birthday parties carefully twirling sections of my hair and selecting the color arrangement of those cheap plastic clips." --Tyler McCall

Brown and Grey-ish Lipstick

"I've been noticing more brown, grey and brownish-mauve lipsticks hitting my desk recently and I couldn't be happier. I still think that weirdly deathly color looks so, so chic. (PS: I'm pretty sure I had a MAC Lipglass in 1997 that was the exact same color Angie is wearing in the above photo. I want it again.)"  --Cheryl Wischhover

Curly Bob, a la Jennifer Grey in "Dirty Dancing"

"I've been relaxing my hair in one way or another for 10 years, but this summer I've decided to let it go big and curly. (On days when I need to look professional, I'm calling Glamsquad for an at-home blowout.) My inspiration is Jennifer Grey in "Dirty Dancing," although my hair is way too thick to try bangs. Wish me luck!" --Lauren Sherman 

Spiky Sporty

"I'm casting my vote for spiky, sporty up-dos like the one Mandy Moore rocks in the video for "Candy" (1999). I love bed head as much as the next girl, but Mandy's look appeals to me because it's so intentional: It's flat-ironed for maximum fanning action, punctuated by an angled part and accented by that one face-framing strand (which, frankly, is another trend we need to bring back). We try so goddamn hard to make our fishtail braids and messy waves seem effortless, and an up-do like this declares itself a look. It's for girls with attitude." --Eliza Brooke 

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Quirky '90s TV Female Protaganist

"The fresh face/strong brow look of Sherilyn Fenn as Audrey Horne in "Twin Peaks," and also Claire Danes as Angela Chase in "My So-Called Life". I had strong eyebrows and a mother who wouldn't let me wear a lot of makeup to middle school, so I channeled these women who emphasized their natural beauty without a ton of makeup." --Nina Frazier Hansen

Side Part/Side Clip

 I still think it's so cute and a great way to get hair off your face/cope with growing out bangs. --Dhani Mau

Late '90s/Early '00s Super Straight Blonde Hair

"Like a pane of glass. So shiny. So plastic." --Steff Yotka

All Nude Faces Circa the '60s and '70s

I want to live in a world where blush doesn't exist and instead we all look like Michelle Phillips (from the Mamas and the Papas, above) or Verushka all the time.

Real Boobs

Or perhaps I'm into the no-bra look? Whatever. Let those things hang free. We all remember this iconic poster--Cheryl Wischhover