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The 8 Best Moments From Kendall and Kylie Jenner's PacSun Campaign Video

In case you needed more confirmation that festival style had reached the mainstream, Kendall and Kylie Jenner put out a campaign video for their PacSun back-to-school collection that is all Coachella, all the time.

As avid followers of Kendall Jenner's modeling career, we went straight for the play button when the campaign video for her and her sister Kylie's collaboration with PacSun went up on YouTube on Thursday.

It's a lot. It's a lot of Coachella. The girls stand around with tufted... feathers? (Plants?) They ride horses. The pose on a wicker throne amid some desert brush, stroking a fox.

We couldn't pick just one favorite moment from the video, so here are eight.

1. The "Feathered Frond" Moment

Kendall and Kylie hang out, guardians-of-Coachella-like, on a rock. For reasons. With the split screen action, you'd assume that someone very important is about to process through the valley below them — someone like Kim and Kanye, perhaps? But no: Another shot of Kendall and Kylie pops up in the void instead. The message, clearly, is that the two young women are learning to make way for themselves in a busy, overmanaged world, which is something I heard in a yoga class once.

2. The "Rustic Throne / Outdoor Living Room" Moment

Is this one of those robotic stuffed animals or a real life fox? Is that even legal? Either way, this critter is clearly trying to avoid eye contact with the camera and is definitely not sending a link of the final video to his fox mother who still doubts him going into show business.

3. The "Ready for the Rapture" Moment

Self explanatory.

4. The "Bored Teenagers on Vacation With Their Parents" Moment

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Easily recognizable to those who have lived it. You're hot. You're tired. Your parents are all, "Come on, girls, let's go look at this rock formation!" IT LOOKS JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER ROCK FORMATION IN THIS GODFORSAKEN DESERT, DAD. For the love of all that is holy, can we please just go back to the hotel already so we can hang at the pool and giggle at the hot bartender?

5. The "Dubstep" Moment

Why was this necessary? Did we need to spice up this sideways canter (I have no idea, I don't speak horse) with a little EDM instant replay action? This is one of the only shots in which Kendall looks like a real model, btw.

6. The "Side Eye With Horse" Moment

Kylie throws some incredible side-eye at her horse friend here. After spending five minutes staring at my computer trying to decipher her facial cues, I'm going to say that this either means she is a) Pretty well fed up with this horse's attitude and this had better be the last take or b) This is more than a horse friend.

7. The "Horse Makeout" Moment

We learn that the correct answer to the above question was B: More than a horse friend. Like any good ad campaign, this video ends with a kiss, and this one is such a good mix of sensual (that upper lip stroke!) and teenage impulsiveness.

8.The Model Moment

After a pretty sub-par performance throughout the video, Kendall steps in at the very last moment to remind us that she actually is a legit model. 

Aaaand — stuck the landing.

All photo: YouTube