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How To Have An 'Endless Summer'-Inspired Wardrobe

Shop so that it's always sunny in your closet.

Forget "Blue Monday," we're voting July 23rd as the most depressing day of the year. Why? Because by sundown on Wednesday, summer will officially be half over.

But if the thought of giving up sun-filled happy hours and flimsy dresses for sweater weather is making you want to cry, don't. You can have summer all year long — in your closet at least.

Inspired by the adventures and landscapes in the 1966 film "The Endless Summer," which chronicles two surfers' travels around the globe, we now present an endless summer wardrobe. And considering that Marc Jacobs made dark colors OK for spring with his namesake and Louis Vuitton lines, we think it's probably fine to bend the "rules" in the other direction and keep wearing palm prints and bright colors well into winter. 

Spritz on your sunscreen, throw on your shades and live life like it's always 72 degrees and sunny. And if you live in California where it is always 72 and sunny, invite us out there for a cocktail, won't you?

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