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How to Channel 'Thelma & Louise' This Summer

Find some great summer fashion inspiration in this cult classic film.

It's the middle of summer and our wardrobes are starting to feel a little...flat. So we're reinstating our Get Inspired posts to find some style tips from our favorite movies available to stream online. Tune in every Wednesday to get your fashion in film fill. 

When it comes to summer movies, "Thelma & Louise" should be at the top of everyone's list. The 1991 flick stars Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis as two Texan best friends whose road trip turns into something scandalous almost immediately. 

From the suburbs to the outback, though, the duo has some seriously covetable style. Who doesn't want to adopt their cat-eyed glamour and their tough-girl, high-waisted jeans? (Plus, Brad Pitt's outlaw outfit isn't too bad either... double denim is really in.)

We compiled the best ways to channel your inner Thelma and Louise below. Just try not to break the law while you're rocking chambray top.

The Vacation Look

All starts off very posh and well before Thelma and Louise depart for their trip. The look is very tacky Texan Jackie perfect. 

The Bar Look

Underneath Thelma's jean jacket is a sweet peasant dress that she pairs with two necklaces and some glam makeup. You could definitely wear this today with some toned-down hair. 

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The Cowboy Look

If Brad Pitt won't be your cowboy lover, you might as well dress like him, right? 

The Outlaw Look

When the going gets tough, Thelma and Louise ditch their pretty looks and go for some full-on American outlaw style. Louise ties denim strands around her neck, while Thelma is working a double denim look worthy of a Guess girl.

The Final Look

Let's be honest, this would be the raddest outfit to wear to your regular Sunday brunch or weekend getaway.