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Nina's Trust No Bitch Ursula Sweatshirt

Truth hurts, bitch.

Whether it's the Met Ball or the runway, there's never a shortage of Disney-inspired fashions out there. However, it's usually realized in big puffy swaths of taffeta and chiffon rather than an acrylic sweatshirt plastered with Disney's most beloved cartoon sea witch.  

It sums up one of the biggest life lessons I've learned and I'm hoping by wearing this baby come fall, I'll help spread the word to the rest of New York City. And if Ursula isn't your cup of tea, the sweatshirt also comes featuring several of Disney's other most evil villains (Scar, Jafar). 

The site is careful to note, "There is a 40 day crafting period for this item, which may sound like a long time at first. When you see the final product, you will realize it's worth the wait!" It better be. Because if it is, I'll be just as delighted as Ursula is here after she captures Ariel's voice in that little golden seashell. 

Rage On! Trust No Bitch Ursula Sweatshirt, $59.84 on sale, available at

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