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Tyler's Dream Studded Headband

WWBWW: What Would Blair Waldorf Wear?

Steff sits across from me at work, but thanks to my ginormous computer monitor, I barely get to really see her. Today, though, when she poked her head around to say something to me, I felt like I was seeing her for the first time -- mainly because she was wearing this amazing headband.

You see, ever since 2007, Blair Waldorf has served as something of a spirit animal for me -- and the Blair Waldorf within needed that headband. It was the most beautiful shade of red leather peppered with just the right amount of tiny studs. I think I turned into the heart-eyed emoji upon seeing it.

It basically just makes me want to create the scene from "Gossip Girl" in which Serena snatches Blair's headband straight from her head -- only instead of tossing it onto the ground, I'd delicately slide it over my hair. Because it's perfect.

Sleep with one eye open, Steff.

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