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Tyler's Date Night Eyeshadow

Because a red lip is best saved for date three. Duh.

I've been trying to launch myself back into the world of ~love~ which means I've been going on a lot of dates of late. 

Now, I might not know much about boys or dating or anything like that, but what I do know is the importance of a lewk. My normal lewk is pretty fashion-y and involves a red lip by Nars, which took me forever to find and which I will never abandon again...

Except for this. Because, for one thing, I feel like a red lip is a bit intimidating on a first date. For another, I feel like my beloved red looks better in the fall/winter when I'm pale and moody-looking.

So what I've taken to doing instead, thanks to some advice from an awesome friend, is a mild smokey eye. Leave it to Nars to nail the color: Calabria, a deep plum that looks pretty much perfect smudged out with a brush. Finished off with a purple eyeliner, it makes my brown eyes look sparklier... or is that the look of love?

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Nah. It's the eyeshadow. 

Soft touch eyeshadow pencil in Calabria, $25, available at Nars

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