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Tyler's "Yacht Core" Pants

It's almost Independence Day, y'all!

I sent a link for these pants to Steff, who proclaimed them "Yot-core," a term she's coined for her own style. (Ed. Note: Her last name is Yotka. Get it?!)

I, however, heard "Yacht Core," and you know what? I'm running with it. There's just enough kitsch in these star-printed cropped pants to make them July 4th appropriate — oh yeah, I'm going there. You're not ready for this level of patriotism.

Still, I think they're cute and I bet I could find a way to work them into my everyday wardrobe. Specifically, the everyday wardrobe I will wear on the yacht I plan on procuring on vacation this weekend.

Slim cropped prints pants, $54.95, available at Gap

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