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Bongo Releases Un-Retouched Ad Campaign Starring Vanessa Hudgens

It's the latest instance of a teen brand going the no-Photoshop route.

If you follow actress Vanessa Hudgens on Instagram, then you know that she's pretty unfiltered. Now, she's putting her money where her mouth is, and translating that fearless attitude into an un-retouched ad campaign for denim brand Bongo.

For her second season as the face of the label, the 25-year-old actress is featured in campaign images that are "all natural," meaning there is no Photoshop or Instagram filter magic involved. Hudgens and Bongo unveiled the new ads over social media on Wednesday — using the hashtag #BongoGetsReal to further drive the point home. They'll make their print debut in magazines including Seventeen and Teen Vogue come August.

This isn't the first time a teen-geared brand has featured un-retouched models in advertisements: American Eagle's lingerie brand Aerie got plenty of media attention for its #AerieReal campaign that starred young women of all sizes in hopes of encouraging body confidence. And at least we know that this is one shoot for which the un-retouched version cannot be scandalously leaked — what you see is what you get.

"It’s so important for girls to remember that real beauty shines from within and I’m so proud that Bongo is choosing to send such a positive message with this campaign," Hudgens said in a statement. 

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Through her courageous movie roles (hello "Spring Breakers") and her commitment to a healthy lifestyle that she often shares with her fans over social media (hello SoulCycle), Hudgens is clearly all about inspiring teen girls to be themselves, making her a natural fit for this sort of campaign.

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