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Steff's Artsy Satchel

It's really the Joan Miró of bags.

Honestly, I'm not much of a purse person. In the winter I just keep everything in my coat pockets, which makes transitioning into pocket-free summer dresses a real drag.

But I think I might be able to endure carrying a purse if I had one as beautiful as this Welcome Companions creation. 

Made of navy and coral leather, the traditionally-shaped satchel is large enough to fit all my stuff inside — from my iPhone to the very necessary four lip balms on me at all times — but still thin enough to not be bothersome. Plus, the design is anything but ordinary, with the asymmetrical blobs evoking a lava lamp. I'm pretty sure that if Joan Miró designed a purse, it would look like this. 

Classic Saddle Bag, $490, available at Welcome Companions.

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