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White Birkenstocks Are Taking Over

In NYC, at least.

No matter what way I look this summer, I see white Birkenstocks -- on the street, on Instagram, in magazines. While the flatform/pool slide/chunky sandal trend is still dominating fashion feet, the white Birkenstock remains the most popular of the bunch. When black Birkenstocks started coming into favor a little over a year ago (I purchased my pair around this time last year), it was a trend that members of the general public weren’t too keen on, in addition to a few of my fashion-forward friends. Fast-forward a few months and everyone seemed to own a pair of Birks. But now it seems that white is the new black.

Take a second to troll Instagram and you’ll not only find bloggers like Garance Doré and Man Repeller’s Leandra Medine wearing them (in fact, she’s written four stories about them), but also fashion editors such as’s Kerry Pieri, and everyone’s favorite florist, Taylor Tomasi Hill (who proves Birks can be seasonal with a pair of chunky socks).

So why white, why now? Seasonally it makes sense to blame summer and our obsession with donning everything white in an effort to stay cool and look chic -- after all, white looks chic against a tan foot. Lucky magazine Style Editor Laurel Pantin, who was an early adopter of white Birkenstocks, says that white just "feels much cleaner and fresher than black. There's something really easy and cool about solid, bright white... [and] they're sooo comfortable," she explains. "The white is a little prissier and more dressed up than traditional colors, which means they're a little more acceptable for different situations."

That, or perhaps we’re just so obsessed with Birkenstocks we had to find a way to make the trend last longer by fixating on a new color?

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Whatever the reason, we're into it. Check out some of our favorite shots of white Birkenstocks for inspiration below. Want your own pair? You can snag double-strap "Arizonas" for $95 on Asos or single-strap "Madrids" for $70 on Zappos. Happy walking.