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Yoox to Launch a Sportswear Section of Its Own

Net-a-Porter isn't the only online retailer making a big bet on activewear.

Net-a-Porter pulled off something of a press coup this week with the launch of Net-a-Sporter, a new shopping category on its site dedicated to sports clothes and accessories. (Who else can launch a new site vertical and get that much breathless coverage?) It's no surprise, therefore, that Net-a-Porter rival Yoox has simultaneously announced that it, too, is expanding its activewear offerings with a new section, set to launch in September.

A Yoox spokesperson confirmed that, like Net-a-Sporter, the new section will include a range of products from big, multi-national brands to more niche labels that specialize in technical performance. Unlike Net-a-Sporter, it will cater not just to women but to men and children as well.

It's little wonder that both Net-a-Porter and Yoox are expanding their activewear inventories. Sales of sports clothes grew 7 percent last year, faster than any other apparel category, according to NPD Group.

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