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Adam Brody Covers 'GQ' Korea and It's Adorable

Is this the best September cover of them all? Not no.

Adam Brody may be set to make his debut alongside Chloë Sevigny in "The Cosmopolitans," an Amazon original series set in Paris that drops on Thursday, but let's be honest — we'll always remember him as the dorky, lovable (yet slightly neurotic) character he played on "The O.C.," Seth Cohen. Cohen had a lot of interests: sailing, Death Cab for Cutie, comic books, bagels and Summer Roberts to name just a few. And although he looked adorable in his Penguin polos and V-neck sweaters, fashion was not high up on the list. But, we did always think he deserved a GQ cover. And now he has one!

Brody is the star of a quirky fashion spread in the September issue of GQ Korea, and it's just adorable. He looks a lot scruffier than he did in the Seth Cohen days, but the same humor that made us fall for him still shines through. Also, may we please remind you that he is now married to Leighton Meester aka Blair freaking Waldorf? Teenage dreams can come true.

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