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Why AG Jeans Decided to Launch Its Most Recent Campaign on Tumblr

Expect to see lots of content around that Alexa Chung collaboration soon.

Social media-driven marketing campaigns are everywhere right now. Even print and TV ads often feature hashtags these days in the hopes that their messages will go viral online.

The latest fashion company to jump on the hashtag craze is contemporary denim brand AG, which just launched the #whatmovesme campaign around a new denim collection called Contour360. AG chose Tumblr to showcase the campaign, which revolves around a group of 15 "influencers," including Meatball Shop co-founder Dan Holzman, Fohr Card co-founder James Nord and florist Eric Buterbaugh, each of whom was asked to answer the question, "What moves me?" in a video.

Johnathan Crocker, AG's director of global communications, says the campaign started with the brand's Contour 360 denim, which Crocker insists is "revolutionary" -- AG even put them on ballet dancers and yogis to demonstrate how flexible they are. That capability is what inspired the hashtag name.

"Living in digital social age we wanted to create a campaign with a viral component," explains Crocker, adding that the brand wanted it not to be product-specific. The brand saw the campaign as a good opportunity to finally create a branded Tumblr page, which it didn't yet have. Which is interesting: Third-party research indicates that fashion brands haven't allocated as many resources and ad dollars to Tumblr as they have to other visual platforms like Instagram and Pinterest in recent months. However, engagement with sponsored content on Tumblr is apparently still quite high. Crocker explains that AG chose Tumblr over other social platforms for that reason, and because the company could control the experience from every angle, allowing for a more cohesive branded environment.

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"This is definitely a jumping off point for us," he says. As for what's next after #whatmovesme, AG has a pretty exciting collaboration coming up with the ultimate "influencer," Alexa Chung. Expect some Tumblr content around that launch, which we got some new deets on: It will hit stores Feb. 1, and the brand will embark on a whirlwind international tour with Alexa, hitting London, New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo in the weeks leading up to the launch.

Watch one of the #whatmovesme videos below.