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Alexa Chung Does High Fashion for 'Pop,' Defending the Fedora

"Think before you do trolling."

Alexa Chung, is that you? She has such a signature style that it's almost jarring to see her look any other way, but she looks amazing while pulling off high fashion lewks on her two covers of Pop magazine for fall 2014. {Fashion Gone Rogue}

In the wake of the Great Fashion Breakup of 2014 (Scott and Garance, duh) one writer wonders if we've fallen out of love with the fashion blogger. Listen guys, it's not you, it's us. We're just better off as friends. Don't cry please, you're embarrassing us at Red Lobster. {Financial Times}

Hey, fedora haters: Class is for men, swag is for boys! It's hard to believe anyone could feel so passionate about a hat that they would take to YouTube to defend it, but here we are with one gentleman so riled up about his beloved topper that he filmed this two minute long video. So think before you do any trolling, because fedoras are THE BEST. {Complex}

Homepage Photo: Tristan Fewings/Getty Images

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