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Apple Scores Yet Another Former Burberry Employee, This Time For Digital Marketing

The tech company's pattern of hiring from the luxury arena is starting to look like the plot of "Snowpiercer": IT CANNOT BE STOPPED.

And like clockwork, another former luxury player has made the leap into the tech world to take a cushy new job at Apple. Less than a month after Patrick Pruniaux left his gig as Tag Heuer's VP of sales to link up with Apple, Nike's ex-global director of social media Musa Tariq used a Twitter bio edit to announce his new position as the tech giant's digital marketing director.

Of course, a quick glance at Tariq's LinkedIn page would explain why he might have made the shift: Before his two-year stint at Nike, he ran social media at Burberry during Angela Ahrendt's tenure as CEO. Now that she's heading up retail and online stores at Apple, we're guessing she had something to do with poaching her former employee from Nike.  

A representative for Apple did not immediately respond to request for comment.

Here's what Tariq had to say about the matter. We're betting that with Ahrendts behind him, the other kids are going to play nice in the cafeteria.

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