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Going Behind the Scenes with Aubrey Plaza, The Cost of Being a Sneakerhead

We would like to be Aubrey Plaza now please.
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The September issue of Nylon starring Aubrey Plaza just slid across our desk, so imagine how excited we were to find this behind-the-scenes video of her cover shoot (pretty f*cking excited). She talks about designers she loves and says she's sad to see Parks and Rec end because she won't see Chris Pratt as much. "Sometimes I forget he's not my real husband," she says. Us too, Aubrey. {Nylon}

How much money are sneakerheads willing to plunk down on a pair of fresh kicks? Ten percent of their incomes, according to this study, which is what most budgets say you should spend on food. Which is the true sustenance though, actual nutrients or the newest pair of Nikes? Yea fam, that's what we thought. {Campless}

Urban Outfitters, once the coolest store in the mall, is now deep in the #struggle. So what happened? Between a spate of bad press and new competition on the market, the retailer is facing increasingly bad numbers. {AdWeek}

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