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The Best BB Creams for Your Body

My skin has never looked so glowy.

Ever since The Great BB Cream takeover of 2012, I’ve been using the product as a main part of my makeup and skincare routine almost every day. I much prefer their light coverage to a thicker — and often more noticeable — foundation, and the extra moisture they provide does wonders for my typically dry face. I’ll admit, it’s taken me a lot of trial and error to find my go-to products (I’m very partial to this option by Dr. Jart+), but I really am a believer. 

Being that I have such fair skin and a relatively active lifestyle, I often wish that I had a BB cream to cover up the bruises, scars and general unevenness in skin tone on my legs, especially since I don't allow myself to get too tan anymore (SPF 50, please!). I do love a good self-tanner, but those can get a bit streaky, so I was pretty pumped when Cheryl tipped me off to the fact that brands we know and trust have slowly started to trickle out BB creams for body. So, without further ado, I tested every one that I could find.

Now, I think I went into this experiment with expectations that were slightly too high. Remember this wild Dermablend commercial that shows a team of makeup artists concealing every last one of Zombie Boy Rick Genest's tattoos? Yeah, I was expecting this level of coverage — at least coverage that is on par with the creams I use on my face. Instead, body BB creams provide color that's much more sheer, and in the case of the formulas that I tried, have light-reflecting particles that make your skin really glow. 

My favorite of the bunch — and the most BB cream-like — is the full-body version of Urban Decay's bestselling Naked Skin Beauty Balm. It went on smooth, very much like a body lotion, and gave the most noticeable coverage. The bruises and discolorations I was hoping would disappear sadly did not, but whether it's the light reflectors or the hint of color in the formula, they were definitely less prominent. Another of my top picks, while not technically a BB cream, is the Gwyneth Paltrow-approved Prtty Peaushun, which purports to have many of the same benefits: concealing imperfections, tightening and soothing skin and bringing out muscle tone. I'd say it lived up to all of the above pretty well, but as I mentioned before, I was hoping for more in terms of coverage. 

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One caveat of all of the above? They will rub off onto your clothes (much like foundation) so beware applying it before wearing something white. If you're in the same boat as me and are looking for a tan-free way to smooth out the skin tone all over your body, I would suggest spotting any major imperfections with a concealer or heavier foundation before finishing with one of these products. While these BB creams for body left me with more glowing skin than I've had in ages, they still have a ways to go before they're as unfailing as the ones on the market for your face.

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