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See Blake Lively's Wedding Shoes (Maybe), Cara Delevingne Dresses Like Pizza, The Red Carpet's Relationship To Fashion

As with all things on 'Preserve,' this article will leave you with a lot of questions.

In what may be a Beyoncé-esque move, Blake Lively might have revealed her wedding shoes on her lifestyle site for Southern, conscious consumer vampires known as Preserve. In a post titled "Hot Knights," Preserve contributor Christina Black waxes poetic — and we mean very poetic..."I’ve found that most people think of harpists like unicorns, as if they only exist in mythical realms and dream sequences." is an actual line — about chivalry in a post accompanied with photos by Guy Aroch. Now here's the interesting part: The setup of the party in the photos looks very similar to the Lively-Raynolds wedding GIF released earlier this summer. There's also a photo of a bride trying on Louboutins and rhinestoned sandals. It's probably safe to bet those are Lively's feet. We have reached out to the unicorn harpists for confirmation and will update this post should we hear back. {Preserve}

Cara Delevingne, she of the eyebrow fame, has found a solution to the ever-present paparazzi: dressing like a giant pizza. Katy Perry has also worn this pepperoni-decorated onesie, but with her face exposed. We presume Delevingne opted to zip up to shield her brows from the damaging flash bulbs... that's her secret, dudes. {The Cut}

Tired of seeing the same strapless meh-inducing dresses on the red carpet? Vanity Fair explores the fashion-entertainment industry complex in-depth. By the end of the article, you'll feel pretty sad about the state of red carpet affairs. {Vanity Fair}

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