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Bloggers Boycott Altuzarra for Target, Lena Dunham Goes Platinum

And one writer asks if knee socks can make you a feminist.

While most of the fashion world is eagerly anticipating the soon to be released Altuzarra for Target collection, some fans are less than pleased. Blogger Chastity Garner Valentine started the hashtag phenomenon #BoycottingTarget after discovering the collection wouldn't include "true plus sizes." She reluctantly says she needs to break up with the retailer until they meet her needs as a customer -- and others are promising to do the same. {Refinery29}

Lena Dunham debuted a platinum bob over the weekend, and it looks great -- even when she pours ice water on it. {Instagram}

Can dressing like a little girl empower you as a woman? That's what Stephanie LaCava, writer and 30-year-old mom, argues while defending her wardrobe of knee-highs and flirty girly dresses. While Peter Pan collars might not be crucial to the feminist movement, we have to give props to LaCava for pointing out that your personal style should not be indicative of your intelligence and maturity levels. {}

If you're saving your prettiest lingerie for Snapchat, you're not alone (and hey, we're not judging!). Some of the fancy stuff is pretty much only comfortable for about 10 seconds anyway. As to whether or not it makes sense to drop $90 on a pair of nipple tassels you're only going to wear for a matter of minutes, that's up to you. {The Cut}

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