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Butts Took Centerstage at the VMAs

They were everywhere we looked.

Sorry Taylor Swift but, [Stefon voice] 2014's hottest VMA trend is BUTTS.

When the show opens with a performance of Nicki Minaj's new butt-centric single, "Anaconda," you know you're going to be treated to plenty of butt. But Sunday night's VMA ceremony exceeded even our great butt expectations -- so much so that we think it's safe to say that butts were the biggest trend of the evening.

Minaj's aforementioned ass did a spectatular job setting the scene, both in her green anaconda get up and her near-wardrobe malfunction during "Bang Bang." And it only went up (and down -- there was a lot of twerking) from there. Iggy Azalea and her fantastic ass performed "Black Widow" with Rita Ora in a skintight black jumpsuit, all the better to show off her crazy curves.

(An aside: I have a theory about Iggy Azalea and Nicki Minaj. I think they have combined their butts to make one super butt. No wait, seriously, think about it! When have you seen those two butts in the same place at the same time? YEA, now you're starting to get it. They share one super butt.)

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Then, Minaj's butt even made a special encore during Usher's performance, where he bashed both his head and shoulders into her derriere. I mean, what else do you do with that kind of opportunity?

And then Beyoncé's butt came through and made the rest of the show look like the Beyoncé opening act. How is Beyoncé real? Have we confirmed that we didn't just collectively dream her? Anyway, she and her butt shut things down in Tom Ford and she even brought extra glitter-coated butts to the party.

Check out the best of the butts at the 2014 VMAs below: 

All photos: Getty Images