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22 GIFs To Celebrate Cara Delevingne's Birthday

A GIF is worth a thousand tweets.

Cara Delevingne might be known in the fashion industry as the "It" model who counts Chanel, Mulberry and Topshop among her top clients (and is probably BFFs with Lagerfeld IRL), but the thing that really sets her apart from the other models out there is her personality. 

With her kooky faces, animal onesies and love of Jeremy Scott Bart Simpson sweaters, Delevingne has name a name for herself as a wild card ... and the results have paid off (see: Her 6.2 million Instagram followers). So in honor of her 22nd birthday (woo!), here are the 22 best Cara Delevingne GIFs on the 'net. 

The "Cara Loves You" GIF

The #Overit GIF

The Dino Onesie GIF

The Anti-Smize GIF

The "I'm Outie" GIF


The Wind Machine GIF

The Cat GIF

The Many Faces of Cara GIF


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The Winky GIF

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The Candy GIF

The Oops GIF

The Solo Dance Party GIF

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Homepage photo: Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images