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Lauren's Ring for Not-So-Secret Cat Lovers

Wear your love proud.

I love cats. I try to be subtle about it, but there is lots of evidence: the photos I post to Instagram -- which, if I was less self-possessed, would be entirely dedicated to photos of my cat, Darcy, in various positions of adorableness; the people I follow on Instagram, mainly fashion journalists and, uh, people with cute cats (#wasabichan4eva); my iPhone lock screen wallpaper; my weekly trips to Petsmart's cat adoption drive ... the list goes on.

Strangely, I have not incorporated evidence of my undying furry fandom into my closet or jewelry collection, but that's about to change with the addition of Cat Bird's "Lovecats" ring which, when worn, makes your finger look like it's wearing cute little cat ears. I spotted one when I stopped by Etsy HQ (where else?) last week, and immediately Googled it when I got back to my desk. One is now on its way here. I imagine it as its own sort of signet, quietly professing my allegiance to fellow cat lovers. At the very least, it will make me a little happier every time I look down at it.

Next up: a cat dress?

Catbird "Lovecats" ring, $32, available at Catbird.

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