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Chloe Sevigny Is Coming Out With a Rizzoli Book

We'll take two, please.

Curious as we are about Kim Kardashian's upcoming book o' selfies, another, indie-r fashion darling has a Rizzoli book in the works too, and we're pretty stoked about it. That would be Chloe Sevigny — sometime actress, sometime Opening Ceremony designer... general cool person? What even does she put on her LinkedIn? 

As with Kim K's simply titled "Selfish," Sevigny has given hers a similarly easy reader name: "Chloe Book." The hardcover version comes out next April and will, as Rizzoli puts it, celebrate a fashion icon "famous for looking cool without looking like she's trying." Dammit, Rizzoli! You've found and are now exploiting our deepest hopes and dreams!

Sevigny fleshed out the premise of the book in a recent interview with the Daily Beast:

This “Chloe Book.” Sounds really narcissistic and annoying. [Laughs] But I went to Japan a few years ago and saw this “Chloe Stylebook” that was apparently kind of popular there, and I had no idea who made it, and it was just these horrible paparazzi shots of me. I was a bit depressed about it, but curious, so then this girl called me from Rizzoli and I figured I’d reclaim it, and do it in the way that I’d want to do it. It’s photos through the years and weirdo fashion; not a “style guide,” but more an art book and collection of images and ephemera. There are a lot of photos from around the time of Kids, so I’ve been having to reach out to everybody asking for photos and permission. Facebook’s been very helpful for that kind of thing. It’s been a real nostalgia trip.

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The book will cost $35 and include everything from early modeling snaps published in Sassy to personal photos taken by her high school friends and pages from her daily planner. Oh, and Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth wrote the forward. We know, it's a lot to look forward to, but until April, those searching for inspirational photos of Miss Sevigny will always have Tumblr.