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Some Genius Tips for Frizz-Free Curly Hair

Have naturally curly hair? Here's what you should be doing.

After a 25-year battle against my naturally curly mixed hair, I've recently started to embrace it, or at least embrace the fact that I have the option to not blow out my hair and leave it curly.

The thing is, it's actually not that easy to make curly hair look good. Like most curly hair, mine has a tendency to frizz and tangle, so I've been searching for tips on how to make it not do that. In pursuit of such tips, I landed on this video by naturally curly-haired YouTube guru Andrea, which contains some pretty crucial ones. You should watch it to actually see her doing her entire routine, but to me the biggest takeaways are: Wet your hair again after detangling, and don't dry your hair with a towel -- use a t-shirt or diffuser instead.

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