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Cheryl's Rich, Nourishing Hair Spritz

It smells good and feels good.

My hair is blonde. Except it's not really blonde. I get some help in that area from my long-time stylist/colorist every seven weeks or so. Because of this chemical assistance, not to mention my love affair with my blow dryer, my hair is sometimes so dry that it looks like a tiny animal could be nesting in it. 

Then this unusual spray from Italian sustainable hair care brand, Davines, came my way. It's in a spritz bottle, but the actual product has the consistency of a watery body lotion. It can be used as a pre-treatment before heat styling, a leave-in conditioner, or for taming fly-aways or smoothing dry hair. I've used it for each of these purposes this summer. The most surprising use, though, is as a base for air-dried beach waves. Unlike some oils and other leave-in conditioners I've used, it doesn't weigh down the wave. Best versatile hair product I've tried in ages. 

Davines OI/All in One Milk, $28, available at Birchbox.

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