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Eva Chen Is Pregnant, J.Crew's First Fragrance Is Here

This is way better than the pregnancy announcements on your Facebook feed (sorry, friends!).

This might be the cutest (and most Eva Chen) way to announce that you're having a baby: The Lucky EIC took to Instagram with her signature #evachenpose in the back of a cab, but this time with miniature versions of her accessories. "#evachenpose: like mother, like future (winter 2015!) daughter edition," the caption reads, and we couldn't be more excited for Chen and her new addition. Think of all the amazing accessories she'll be able to, ahem, "borrow!" {Eva Chen Instagram}

Grammy Award-winning artist Kimbra is back with a new album, and she's staying true to her quirky style in the video for her latest single, "Miracle." Jaime Lee Major dressed the New Zealander in the sparkliest, most over the top red outfits, including a final look originally intended for her to wear to the 2013 Grammys. There's over 200 meters of hand cut georgette silk flowers sewn on the garment -- and yet, still so much Kimbra to see. Wait, where's the 200 metres of fabric again? {The Fashion Spot}

Uber, the somewhat controversial car service (if you were one of the suckers who paid over $300 to take one in a snowstorm, that is), is launching an experimental shopping service. Called "Corner Store," the company is offering to deliver over 100 everyday items like toothpaste and toilet paper, which you order right from the app. There's no fee for delivery and no tip is necessary, but no word on whether you'll have to pay surge pricing for those condoms you forgot. Hey, plan ahead next time! {TechCrunch}

Ready to smell like Italian Merino wool and sparkly pumps? Okay, maybe J.Crew didn't actually bottle up the smell of its goods, but the brand's first foray into fragrance -- No. 51 and No. 31 -- are now on its website for sale. {J.Crew}

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