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Two Yoga Moves You Can Do at Lunchtime

Two challenging vinyasas to wake up your muscles and quiet your brain.

Fitness is definitely having a moment in fashion. Since many of us here at Fashionista are also fitness buffs, this suits us just fine. All summer long we've been featuring different trainers and showcasing their signature workout moves via GIF. Best of all, we're dressing them in some of our favorite activewear brands -- both well-known and up-and-coming -- to provide a double dose of inspiration. Welcome to this "Fitness Week" edition of Fashion #Fitspo.

The trainer/studio: Bethany Lyons, the co-founder of Lyons Den Power Yoga, is a classically trained ballet dancer who opened the first ever Baptiste-style yoga studio in NYC last year. And she has legit fitness chops: She is one of SoulCycle's original Master Instructors, traveled the world as a trainer for Madonna's Hard Candy gym chain and was a group fitness manager at Crunch. (She also has the cutest dog ever, named Josie.)

The moves: Bethany put together two vinyasas for us, but don't be alarmed. You can break them down into the separate moves and then slowly start stringing them together. Yes, I fell down the first time I tried the second one, but now I can hold it -- it's fantastic for balance, and both of them hit pretty much every muscle group, not to mention give you a good stretch.

Sun Salutation A: 

• Start standing with the palms together at heart center. Place the feet together or 2-3 inches apart, parallel, and facing forward. The palms are lightly pressed together with the upper arm bones and shoulders back.

• Inhale and sweep the arms up with palms together. Gaze up at the thumbs. Lift out of the waist, reaching up towards the sky. Exhale as you fold forward. Press the palms flat to the floor; if necessary, bend the knees slightly. Reach the forehead in towards the legs. 

• Inhale halfway and lift, chest reaching forward, scapula drawing in towards the center line and then step back into plank. The body is one straight line and in a push-up position. Press the heels back, and reach the crown of the head forward. Bend the elbows to lower the chin and chest to the floor. 

• Inhale and lift the chest into baby cobra. Exhale into downward facing dog (upside down V) by tucking the toes under, bending the elbows, and lifting the hips up and back. Press firmly into the hands and arms to press the hips up and back. Let the head hang neutral. Press the heels into the floor. 

• Exhale out all of the air, and step or jump to the front of the mat. Inhale, and then sweep the arms up with palms together, back to starting position. 

Warrior to Side Angle to Half Moon: 

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• Start in Warrior 2 with the right foot forward in lunge position. The right knee should be at 90 degrees, knee stacked over ankle; the right knee should be over the right heel. Ground down with the left heel to stabilize. Arms should be parallel to the floor over your thighs reaching in opposite direction. 

• Move into side angle by placing the right forearm into the right thigh and reaching the left arm straight up. Then, place the right hand on the mat on the inside of the right foot and reach the left arm towards the front of the mat. Look under the left arm towards the sky and rotate the chest up and back. 

• Ground down with the right foot and shift the weight forward, taking the back leg off the mat, reaching the left hand straight up, moving into half moon with the hips stacked over each other. Engage the standing leg while lifting the back leg up with a flexed foot. Then, bend the left knee and grab the outer left ankle or foot with your left hand. The right hand should be at heart center. Look up, and breathe here. 

• Slowly unwind, bending standing leg, and return to starting Warrior II position. Do the same thing on the other side.

The clothes: We shot Bethany wearing Live the Process, a luxe line (read more about it here) that's been quickly embraced by retailers and fashion people alike.  

Bethany wears: Stretch Jersey Sports Bra, $80; Crop Legging in Classic Leopard, $135; Lioness tank from her studio. 

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