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How Fashion People Work Out and What They Wear

Louboutins and pajamas both made the list.

Welcome to Fitness Week! All week long we'll be posting stories about fitness, with a distinctly Fashionista spin. 

The denizens of the fashion industry love a good workout, and not surprisingly, they take advantage of all the amazing studios and techniques that NYC has to offer. I even discovered a few serious athletes -- like former competitive swimmers, dancers and boxers -- in the bunch.

However, they're a bit more homogenous in their workout gear choices than I would have suspected. (Can you guess the two most popular brands? One rhymes with "crikey.") Time will tell whether all the new activewear brands hitting the market can hold their own. But despite the ubiquity of the Big Two (fine, the other one's Lululemon), many people have discovered some gems and definitely put their own spin on dressing for the gym. Because as W magazine's Jane Larkworthy says here, "Clothes matter!"

Click on the slideshow to below to find out how fashion people -- like Georgina Chapman, Bobbi Brown, Aliza Licht, Candice Huffine and tons more (guys,too) -- work out, what they wear, and whether or not they'd be caught dead wearing fitness gear in real life. Click on an image to see the full text.

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