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Lauren's Ethical Faux Fur Scarf

Fake fur has its advantages.

Fashion Month in February left me with a serious craving for fur -- it was all over the runways, and off -- but the idea of buying actual fur, taken from an animal, makes my skin crawl. (I've been a vegetarian for 11 years.)

Fortunately, faux options are getting better all of the time (see, especially, Shrimps's colorful furry clutches and coats). Recently, I came across a pull-through faux fox fur scarf while shopping for fall knits at Aritizia. No, it's not as soft or luxe as the real thing, but it's warm and it looks smart, and no animals died in its making. I'll wear it peeping out from the collar of my gray cashmere Burberry coat come late fall.

Oh and it's $65 -- another advantage faux has over the real thing.

Babaton Andrew Pull Through Scarf, $65, available at Aritizia.

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