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20 Pairs of Flats Just in Time for Fashion Week

The industry gods have given flats their mark of approval, so here's what to buy for tooling around NYFW.

At a party last week, a fashion editor friend made a great point. Now that everyone is so comfortable -- mentally and physically -- in flats, how will we ever return to sky high heels? As in, how will our feet, flattened and widened by a summer of Birkenstock sandals and Common Projects sneakers, once again squeeze into a narrow stiletto? For me, the answer is probably never. For most, though, heels will inevitably become the dominant shoe in their closets once again. And remember, for others, they never went away.

But for now, let's enjoy the fact that there are lots and lots of flats to choose from on the market. Longtime flat wearers know that this wasn't always the case. I remember spying a pair of Sigerson Morrison pointy-toe flats on Cameron Diaz while I was still in high school, and being gutted because there wasn't nothing even approximately close to them in style at my local mall. Sigersons are still around, actually, but there is so, so much more. Click through to shop my picks for the season, just in time for NYFW. 

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