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Celebrities Do Normal Stuff in Gap's Latest Campaign

The new #normcore?

Zosia Mamet lies on her bed, fully clothed, her house keys a few inches from her bent elbow. Angelica Huston goes for a coffee. Luke Grimes, who stars in "50 Shades of Grey" as the older brother of Christian Grey, gazes into his refrigerator. In it there's an unbranded bottle of orange juice, milk, eggs. A squeeze bottle of mustard.

No, this is not everyday life — although who hasn't almost left the house before falling back in bed because it's just too much effort? This is Gap's newest ad campaign. And, as its tagline suggests, it's all about "dressing normal."

Defining "normal" is a little slippery since it's a completely relative term, but we'll play along. According to Gap Chief Marketing Officer Seth Farbman, it's all about being your "most authentic self." Normal is different for everyone. It's the authenticity and "bold and honest spirit of the millennial generation," as Gap President Stephen Sunnucks puts it in the company's release. 

So we're not talking about #normcore here, and in fact, we may be talking about its polar opposite. Instead of normcore's ironic plainness, we have simple clothing (the "perfect" tee or jeans) that are dead real. And yet Gap also gets to capitalize on the linguistic association to the popular term. 

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According to Google Trends, there's even been a steady rise in searches of the word "normal" — or maybe it's our collective hypochondria that's growing and not our thirst for white shoes.


Anyway, the ad is a better version of Gap's "Back to Basics" campaign from last winter, the first under Rebekka Bay's creative direction. The art direction is more interesting, and the celebrity names are bigger. Well done, Gap.

Check out the full campaign below.