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Gareth Pugh to Stage 'Immersive Live Experience' at NYFW

He's bidding adieu to Paris this season.

Usually, when yet another show is added to the already-crowded New York Fashion Week calendar, we are like this.

But not this time. Gareth Pugh, a designer known for thinking outside the box, will step even further outside of it this season by showing in New York instead of Paris, where he's shown for the past six years. And he promises to put on a show.

New York, of all fashion weeks, is pretty devoid of the extreme, avant garde aesthetic Pugh is known for, and he'll be bringing it to us in an unconventional way this September. The designer tells the New York Times he plans to stage an “immersive live performance” involving video and live dancers. The event will be underwritten by Lexus, which is why it will be in New York, and also why Pugh will have the resources to go all out.

But Pugh also hopes to communicate what his brand is about. “I know this is a business, and we need to sell clothes, but it is also about image and inspiration, and sometimes a live show can miss the mark a bit,” he tells the Times. "It’s really important to not only communicate, ‘This is a nice dress or this is a cool trouser,’ but to sell the dream.”

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He has a point: These days, if we just want to look at clothes, we can simply go online.  Shows that create some sort of experience or entertainment are always more memorable.

It's also worth noting that Pugh isn't completely out of place in New York. He's in local doors like Barneys, Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus and even Shopbop, and many of his designs are more wearable and commercial than he gets credit for.