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Instagram's New Video App, Hyperlapse, Was Made for Fashion Week

Jump on this, people.

This afternoon, Instagram released a new video app called Hyperlapse. As the name might suggest, it's made for shooting and condensing video footage into time-lapse segments, and it's stupid simple. You open the app, hit a button to start recording and tap the same one to stop the video, pick a playback speed (1-12x) and save that to your camera roll or share it to Instagram or Facebook. 

It's going to get so much use during fashion week.

At this point, nearly every editor peppers his or her Instagram with runway shots throughout Fashion Month, which kicks off in New York next Wednesday. It's really hard to get a good shot, though, even from a front row seat: As models whiz by, most turn out blurry, unless a particularly quick-fingered spectator is able to hit focus and then snap a shot in a matter of seconds. Video on Instagram is similarly a hot mess for runway footage, but Hyperlapse makes it possible for editors to capture the full show, crank up the speed a bit and present a shortened version to their followers. 

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Other uses: Full makeup looks applied to models' faces in a matter of seconds, full runway set construction pared down to teaser length, a street style fixture gets ready for the day and heads out the door — hell, someone could basically condense the entirety of fashion week into a pretty manageable short film. We'd love to see that. (Interested parties should know that the app supports up to 45 minutes of footage on an iPhone 5.) 

And the cool part is, that person could be anybody. The behind-the-scenes tech includes stabilization that makes even a rookie look more like a professional. Having tested the app out this afternoon, we'd still recommend giving it some help and not make too many sudden movements.

So fashion folks, consider this a call to arms. Download this app and bring some magic to the masses this fashion week.