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10 Fashion People Who Will Put the Joy Back In Your Instagram Feed

Instagram burnout is real. We're here to restore the magic to your feed.

The beauty of the Instagram feed is that it's a constant labor of love — in fact, some might even call it a dance of falling in and out of love. After adding too many health bloggers one month, you might grow tired of gorgeously assembled acai bowls and un-follow every last one, replacing them with pastry chefs. We're here to tell you that this is okay. Instagram fatigue is perfectly normal.

For those times when your fashion feed turns into a blur of #ootds and thank-yous for gifted flower arrangements, we've rounded up 10 independent thinkers who are guaranteed to add a dose of joy back into Instagram.

Daria Werbowy

Handle: @dotwillow

Why you should follow her: Not only is Daria Werbowy the greatest model of all time (Fashionista office opinion), she's also a damn good photographer. A serial traveler, Werbowy has a great eye for capturing the little details along the way.

Cass Bird

Handle: @cassblackbird

Why you should follow her: Do you like beautiful candid pictures of children? How about beautiful candid pictures of the aforementioned Daria Werbowy? Then fashion photographer Cass Bird is your woman.

Marte Mei van Haaster

Handle: @martemei

Why you should follow her: Unsurprisingly, the Instagram feed of a model and art school student is a combination of flawless selfies and generally great photographs. With its muted tones, IMG face Marte Mei's is unstuffy and real pretty.

Chloe Nørgaard

Handle: @chloenorgaard

Why you should follow her: Given Nørgaard's penchant for dyeing her hair a new shade of Manic Panic neon every other week, it's no surprise that her Instagram is similarly colorful. Prepare to be stricken by the urge to run out and buy some tie dye, ASAP.

Amirah Kassem

Handle: @amirahkassem

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Why you should follow her: As fashion's favorite cake lady, Kassem applies the same whimsical, lighthearted aesthetic to her Instagram as she does to the desserts she whips up at Flour Shop. That means her feed is full of sunshine, smiles and sprinkles — and the occasional guest appearance from the designers she calls clients.

Donald Robertson

Handle: @donalddrawbertson

Why you should follow him: Over the course of the last year, Bobbi Brown's head of creative development has taken the fashion world by storm with an outpouring of illustration that can only be described as delightful. His feed is equal parts renderings of icons like Linda Fargo and Anna Wintour and shots of his baby twins, who make Robertson worth following all on their own.

Staz Lindes

Handle: @yostazyo

Why you should follow her: Nothing beats cool girls who don't take themselves too seriously. One such lady would be model Staz Lindes, whose Instagram is a mixture of awkward teenage #tbt photos, on-set snaps and running around with friends. 

Ali Michael

Handle: @ali_michael

Why you should follow her: It is a truth universally acknowledged that if you want to improve your Instagram life, you must find and follow the weirds. And nobody does strange quite like model Ali Michael, whose feed (casual bondage wear, cats and couch selfies) is basically a national treasure at this point. Might as well follow her boyfriend, Marcel Castenmiller, while you're at it.

Rachel Antonoff

Handle: @rachelantonoff

Why you should follow her: Rachel Antonoff may be a stylish lady, but at the end of the day her Instagram is all about love. For puppies. For her friends. Above all, for her little brother, musician Jack Antonoff (a.k.a. Lena Dunham's boyfriend). Endless respect for family bonds that strong.

Katherine Bernard

Handle: @meta_porter

Why you should follow her: Bernard, a writer for publications like Vogue and Dazed Digital, has a knack for putting a witty, non-obvious spin on standard style writer Instagram fare (see: Fashion Week, the Met Ball). Add in guest appearances from folks like Audrey Gelman, Lynn Yaeger and this lady called Michelle Obama, and boom! Insta-magic.