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Jenna Lyons Shares Her Beauty Secrets, Kate Moss Takes a Turn in the Director's Chair

Footage of wolves shot on a Super 8 because why not.

Did you feel like maybe today was the day all your dreams would come true? Looks like you were right: Jenna Lyons is on today's "Top Shelf" feature for Into the Gloss. Fashion's Ultimate Cool Girl™ dishes on everything from what lip color she uses to how she approaches aging ("with ice cream and a martini"). Love you, Jenna. {Into the Gloss}

The Fug Girls have been dishing their brand of celebrity dressing snark for a decade now. (Do you feel old? Grab the ice cream and martini and join us, won't you?) Jessica Morgan and Heather Cocks started Go Fug Yourself as a joke, only to turn it into their full-time jobs. Now they're talking about awkward celebrity encounters and how they turned an inside joke into a profitable business. {Racked}

Watch out Steven Spielberg. Kate Moss "directs" this short video, shot with a Super 8 (wow, much art, such fashion), stars Lara Stone and wolves — excuse us, British Lupines. To be fair, it's her first attempt at film making, so keep that in mind. {British Vogue YouTube}

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