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You Can Now Drink From Kate Moss's Breast

This is less creepy than it sounds, we promise.

Legend has it that champagne coupes -- the rounded ones, to be clear, not the flutes -- were shaped after the supposedly perfect breasts of Marie Antoinette. 

But they haven't been updated in a few centuries, and really, isn't it about time we had a new perfect pair of breasts to drink our champagne from? Fortunately, fashion has it's own sort of modern day Marie Antoinette in Kate Moss, who has graciously offered up her boobs as the new model. Cheers, Kate!

The resulting glass, made for London's 34 restaurant, is meant to fête Moss's 40th birthday and 25th anniversary in the industry. It at least starts to make sense when you learn that 34 is where Moss had her birthday luncheon. British artist Jane McAdam Freud took a mould of Moss's left breast for the glass, which also features her signature at the base.

In a release, Moss says she was excited to be involved with the project and to be alongside Marie Antoinette, "a very intriguing and mischievous character." Moss will host an event at 34 on October 8 to celebrate the glass, and will feature the debut of Dom Pérignon’s latest vintage, P2-1998. Fancy!

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Customers who want to cop a feel can do so by ordering a glass of champagne at 34 or its sister restaurants, The Ivy, Daphne’s, Scott’s and The Club at The Ivy starting October 9.