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Kylie Jenner Scores a 'V' Shoot, Lady Gaga to Star in H&M's Christmas Campaign

And Grimes is BACK! In Adidas slides, no less.

Kendall isn't the only Jenner getting some high fashion cred recently. Kylie scored a feature in V, and the magazine is selling the youngest of the Kardashian clan as a "social media supernova," a "mogul in the making" and, possibly, the "world's most influential millennial." Big words, even in a media climate prone to hyperbole. We'll leave it to you to decide whether Jenner really is all that, but we will say that she looks downright beautiful in the shoot. So for that, Kylie, we tip our hats to you. {V Magazine}  

Lady Gaga is slated to star in H&M's Christmas campaign alongside 17-time Grammy winner Tony Bennett. The two are actually coming out with a duet album titled "Cheek to Cheek," which will drop on September 23. Here are some early photos from the set, in which the octogenarian looks terribly dapper and Gaga is wearing... a giant wig and oversized sweater? K. {Glamour UK}

On another note, Fashionista obsession/Canadian singer Grimes has released the video for her new single, "Go," and the girl is wearing the HELL out of some Adidas slides. Take all your styling cues from her. Always. {YouTube}

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