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Lizzy Caplan Is the Red Carpet Icon We Need

Let's recap all the reasons she is the best.
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If you have eyes and an Internet connection, you're probably aware that two major awards shows took place over the past two days. And with the VMAs and the Emmys came a lot of hubbub about who wore what, how her hair was styled and what hunks of diamonds adorned which fingers and ears. On the whole, everyone looked glamorous, in a way that no one could ever really recreate in real life – you know, without a clothes stylist, makeup artist, hair stylist and an occasion to get decked out in thousands of dollars' worth of adornments.

And then there's Lizzy Caplan. Just as beautiful, well-dressed and groomed as the rest of Hollywood's plasticine heroines, but instead of feeling like a fancified Barbie doll, she feels like a real person, with real taste that we want to emulate oh-so badly. And her stunning look Monday night at the Emmys was just the latest in her sartorial domination – let's look at her recent past. 

At one of the requisite pre-Emmy events, Caplan paired along-sleeve crop top with a blush, houndstooth pencil skirt, architectural heels and a forest green Michael Kors clutch – a.k.a. our dream Friday night outfit. Instead of straight up matching the elements of her outfit, she coordinated them, giving her look a realistic edge. Be honest, if your best friend showed up to drinks looking like this you would freak out over how good she looked. Now imagine Lizzy Caplan in your best friend (we are). 

At another event on the same day, Caplan managed to do something no woman believed possible: wear neon chartreuse. She also did it while wearing red Rubert Sanderson heels and a carrying a pastel pink Michael Kors clutch. If this doesn't prove that she deserves a medal for Best Accessory Coordination, we honestly don't know what does. 

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We also want to shout out how great her hair and makeup are. Because this is how we'd like our hair and makeup to look every day. Lizzy Caplan's hair stylist and makeup artist, call us? 

The night before the Emmys, Caplan chose a burgundy Valentino dress for an event, and – is anyone shocked? – paired it flawlessly with pastel pink heels and a metal clutch. 

[Sounds of triumphant music here.] We had a gut feeling that Caplan was going to kill it at the Emmys, but we never could have expected anything quite as exquisite as her Donna Karan Atelier gown and Brian Atwood shoes. We'd say she looks like a modern-day Audrey Hepburn, but honestly, she looks even better than that. 

At an event filled with pouf skirts, shocking colors and scary hair, Caplan looks like an elegant breath of fresh air. If we had to go to an awards show, we'd want to look just like this. (Shout out to her stylist Ilaria Urbinati for this winning outfit.)

And if you need more proof that Lizzy Caplan is the style icon your life was missing, just see the 10 additional reasons below.