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Lyst Releases an Overdue Makeover, With a New Focus on Content

Fun fact: The startup designed its original logo in a matter of hours.
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Last we heard from the e-commerce aggregator Lyst, it had raised $14 million in venture capital funding, was working with PayPal on moving offline through beacon technology and had signed an exclusive retail deal with Mary Katrantzou. It recently reported having facilitated sales of over $10 million in a single month. Now four years past launch, the startup has taken on another — and long overdue — challenge: Giving its site a makeover. 

"It felt like we were walking around in someone else's skin," founder and CEO Chris Morton said on a call to talk about the rebranding.

When Lyst launched in 2010, the team's main concern was creating a product that worked, and the company's brand and aesthetic was something of an afterthought. The logo was designed in a matter of hours, Morton says, an attempt to create something that made clear that Lyst was a fashion company in addition to a tech venture. The result was an all-caps serif typeface, a serious aesthetic suggestive of heritage fashion houses. 

To Morton and his team, though, it started to seem stuffy, austere and exclusive — the polar opposite of what Lyst, which is by definition inclusive, is all about. The site still leads with a black and white color scheme, but the logo is more friendly. Not techy per se, but certainly less clearly fashion.

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More important, Lyst's revamp puts original content at the forefront of its homepage, an area of Lyst's brand that it hasn't truly begun to push yet. Morton says the team is in the process of figuring out how best to handle content, but it's clear that this is an area that it's getting ready to develop more fully, even if he wasn't ready to talk in-depth about it. With "1.5" people currently dedicated to the site's blog, we wouldn't be surprised if Lyst started allocating more human resources to content in the coming months.

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