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Newcomer Malina Weissman Is Already a Natural on the Red Carpet

Seriously, how cool does this girl look?

Malina Weissman only has one film out on her IMDB page -- the new "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" reboot in which she plays a young April O'Neil -- so we assume Wednesday night's red carpet appearance was her first. 

Still, she totally nailed it. The dress she picked is age appropriate and the booties and handmade-looking bracelet are totally adorable. We don't know anything about her (there isn't much available online) but she looks like she belogns in a Paris Vogue editorial for pre-teens -- not the scandalous kind, just the super chic, uber-French kind.

Plus, we are really, super jealous of her hair. Ah, to be young.

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