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Mansur Gavriel's Bucket Bag Has Inspired a Surge of Imitations

If you haven't been able to nab the real thing, you may be in luck.

Mansur Gavriel did not invent the drawstring bucket bag, by any means. But since it's become the "it" bag of 2014, we've been noticing a lot more popping up from retailers high and low.

Higher-end brands like Louis Vuitton, Saint Laurent and Alexander Wang have their own signature versions -- which each have elements that are representative of their respective brands' DNA. Less expensive labels like Baggu and Madewell are in the bucket bag game as well, and have been for a while.

However, a few drawstring bucket bags have come out recently that are eerily similar to Mansur Gavriel's design -- including specific elements like the knotted drawstring; its structured, slightly boxy shape and single, adjustable flat strap. We found a couple at Urban Outfitters -- Cooperative's "structured bucket bag" and Kelsi Dagger's "Wythe bucket bag" instantly bring to mind the Mansur. Mango's version recently sold out, but it goes so far as to feature a subtle "Mango" logo in the same place Mansur Gavriel puts its own. While they're all quite a bit cheaper, they lack the original's colored interior and ultra-chic je ne sais quoi.

One might have thought that the Mansur Gavriel bag -- so simple, minimalistic and unassuming -- would be immune to knockoffs, but perhaps that isn't so.

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