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Dhani's Comfy Mini Skirt

Possibly the comfiest thing that qualifies as body-con.

As a short person, I generally like how mini skirts make my legs look (less short), but they can be very uncomfortable, for various reasons. Some are too tight and constricting, while others fly up with the tiniest gust of wind, while still others inspire a constant fear that you're accidentally showing off a little too much.

I'm not sure there's a mini skirt that will prevent that last paranoia for me, but I have found one that, otherwise, is really, truly comfortable due to its light, stretchy, airy fabrication. Topshop calls it "airtex foam." Whatever it is, it's great, and has that athletic feel that's all the rage these days.

Airtex foam mini skirt, $76, available at Topshop.

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