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Miranda July Invents a Quirky Mobile App for Miu Miu

And makes a hilarious short film about it.

Prada's cool, artsy little sister Miu Miu is making its mark at the Venice Film Festival this week with "Somebody," a short film created by Miranda July of "The Future" and "Me You and Everyone We Know" fame. It's the eighth piece in Miu Miu's awesome short film series called "Women's Tales" — which showcases female directors — and this one comes with a mobile app. In fact, it's the first-ever app put out by Miu Miu or Prada, and it is fittingly impractical. An app as art, if you will.  

The app, which is called "Somebody" and is currently available for free on iTunes, is basically the antithesis to messaging apps that allow you to communicate quickly and efficiently with others. Instead, you select a contact you want to send a message to, write the message, and then pick a stranger that happens to be physically near that contact to deliver the message, verbally. You can even add emotions for the "messenger" to act out, like "crying" or "longingly."

“I see Somebody as a world-wide public art project, inciting performance, connection between strangers and conversation about the value of inefficiency and risk,” said July in a statement.

We tried the app, which is unfortunately a tad confusing to figure out at first. It's also a little glitchy and requires a lot of people downloading the app to be useful. But it is an interesting concept, which you can see played out in various scenarios in the video below. The film, in which most of the characters wear Miu Miu, is actually pretty great — if you had to choose between using the app or watching it, we would advise the latter.

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