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Iggy Azalea Takes 'House of Style' in a New Direction

The first episode is here, and it's not as industry-focused as we'd hoped.

On Thursday, MTV premiered the first episode of its new reboot of "House of Style," hosted by Australian rapper and recent fixture on the fashion scene, Iggy Azalea. The artist, who is wildly popular on social media and whose hit "Fancy" is the reigning song of the summer, is certainly an important figure in the current state of pop culture, as is her first guest on the show, designer Jeremy Scott

In the short episode, we follow the two fashion lovers as they peruse Scott's favorite vintage stores in Los Angeles, with the designer doubling as Azalea's stylist. Unsurprisingly, they emerge with some great retro finds, like a pinstripe jacket that's reminiscent of Madonna's Blonde Ambition-era looks. But, aside from the retail therapy, there isn't much talk of the fashion industry and its behind-the-scenes elements, which is what we always looked forward to when we tuned into the original "House of Style."

To be honest, we were a bit disappointed to see that Azalea didn't ask Scott anything about his relatively new gig at Moschino, especially since so many celebrities — including Azalea's contemporaries Katy Perry and Rita Ora — are such big fans.

While we've only seen the premiere episode, it seems like MTV might be switching gears when it comes to the show: This marks the first time that a model isn't the host (Karlie Kloss and Joan Smalls were the last ladies to carry the torch) so we're wondering if the show will focus more on pop culture than insider-y industry access throughout the season. With musicians scoring ad campaigns, high fashion editorials and designer collaborations more than ever, it makes sense that viewers might be more drawn in by celebrity-driven segments, but we're hoping for at least a studio visit or two before the season concludes on the eve of the VMAs.

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Watch the new "House of Style" over at MTV, and let us know what you think of the show's new direction.