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The Fashion of "My So-Called Life" Is Still Relevant 20 Years Later

In the current fashion climate, we're all a little guilty of channeling Angela Chase sometimes.

On this day 20 years ago, the world was given a precious gift: "My So-Called Life" made its television debut on August 25, 1994. We were introduced to Angela Chase — played by Claire Danes — whose teenage musings on life and love still resonate with uncanny accuracy two decades later. We got emotionally attached to all of her friendships, especially through Rayanne Graff's struggle with drug addiction, Rickie Vasquez coming to terms with his sexuality and Chase's own on-and-off romance with her first true love, Jordan Catalano, played by none other than Jared Leto. Sigh, Jordan Catalano. He leans great.

Looking back on one of our favorite TV shows of all time, we couldn't help but notice that each of the main characters' style is still quite relevant, two decades later. From the rebirth of all-things-grunge — thanks in part to Hedi Slimane's Saint Laurent overhaul — to the prominence of Normcore, the kids on the show somehow still look fresh, and we're pretty sure that we wouldn't look twice if we saw teenagers dressed like them hanging out in Soho. Plus, in the age of social media and online streaming, the magic of "My So-Called Life" has been adopted by a whole new generation, which has kept the show alive through GIFs and dedicated Tumblr pages. 

So crank up some Cranberries and Buffalo Tom, and read on to find out how the aesthetic that Angela Chase and co. made famous still resonates today. And if there's still a giant MSCL-sized hole in your heart, you can stream full episodes over at Hulu.

Every girl wants to dye her hair Crimson Glow. 

This summer, Vogue printed a story about how redheads are having a "moment" — Amy Adams, Julianne Moore and Florence Welch are among the evidence — but cool girls like Taylor Tomasi Hill and legends like Grace Coddington have been keeping the allure of red hair alive for years. Plus, Jordan Catalano wrote a song called "Red," although it was about his car.

#Normcore is basically Brian Krakow's wardrobe in word form. 

Oh, Brian — though his love for his neighbor Angela would forever go unrequited, he still won us over with his sincere kindness and completely hopeless wardrobe. Cosby sweaters, short-sleeved button downs, turtlenecks, dad jeans and tennis shoes were his go-tos, and the same thing can be said about your average hipster these days.

Jared Leto and his long hair still make us swoon.

Before those perfect ombré waves, there was Jordan Catalano's shiny, boyish shag that every girl in America wanted to run her hands through. When Jordan and Angela eventually split, our hearts broke into one million pieces when she admitted how much she would miss his hair (because it's really soft in the back).

Grunge has never really gone away.

From combat boots and oversized plaid shirts to schoolgirl skirts and cropped sweaters, the early '90s aesthetic is alive and well. Don't believe us? Just check out W magazine's swoonworthy fall editorial.

There's still nothing cooler than boots and a babydoll dress.

Just ask Hedi Slimane — he sold this exact look for thousands of dollars in his fall 2013 collection for Saint Laurent. 

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Denim may as well have been a main character in the show.

Whether of the bra top, jeans, button-down or overall variety, there was a lot of denim to be found on the show. Coincidence that denim, in all its forms, is having a comeback this fall? We think not.

Rayanne Graff's beauty look could be right off the runway.

Brown-ish red lipstick, light contouring on the cheeks and carefully defined eyes ... is this a Chanel show or a '90s sitcom?!

Mom jeans feel fresh again.

Need a lesson in styling mom jeans? Look no further than the highwaisted, ripped pairs Angela and Rayanne wore with belts, baby tees and flannels. 

Angela Chase had a lob — the cut that everyone wants.

Look, the lob is going nowhere. (See: Jourdan Dunn at Sunday's VMAs) But we're not sure anyone has done it as well as Angela Chase. Blunt, straight hair really does pair well with teenage angst. 

Jordan's Shearling jacket would go for $2,000 at Acne.

Or $5,000 at Prada. And we'd totally buy it to feel like Mr. Catalano. 

Bonus: Jordan's man choker. 

OK, so the man choker is technically not a trend today per se, but we sort of wish it was.